To prepare for the worlds best tennis academy's you must be technically great LIKE THE WORLDS BEST PLAYERS.


Why Technical?

Tennis like martial arts requires a lot of repetition to master. We prepare kids for this journey by rigourous practice using simple foundations so they can learn how to play with good technique. Not only to play but to think technically. This is not easy so we  only do privates to start and then they graduate to squads.


Why us?

We coach like tennis parents not coaches. With no official elite technical training for under 10's in Australia we have devised a program for parents who do not want to coach their kids but want them to be as good as  kids who get coached by parents. We are both a preparatory school for elite programs for 10 and over and a technical school for elite junior competition. 


Our Philosophy!

Kids who learn technical tennis from a young age have a great advantage when they begin elite or social competitive tennis. They take the sport seriously, they play to win and learn from losing. It is a unique program like no other in Sydney. 

what type of TENNIS parent are you?

Social Players


This is for parents who want their kids to try the sport once a week to see if they like it. Or they believe sport is about having fun not competing. If this describes you, it is advisable you do not use our services and look elsewhere. A good start is Tennis Australia who gear their entire program towards  parents like you.

Competitive Juniors


If you believe sport is about competing than we provide a starter foundation course  to get them in the right frame of mind for competition. Starting from the age of 4, we work off basic fundamentals using repetition so they learn to hit with topspin and control the ball.  They must do at least twice a week for 30 minutes each, privates only. If they pass the first  two years they get introduced into squads. If they show promise we invite them into our elite program. 

Elite Juniors


For kids who have passed our basic technical foundation course and wish to pursue a full time tennis program to compete with the very best juniors in the country. This is a tough uncompromising schedule, using a mix of privates and squads, depending on availability of talented kids. It is by invitation only. They must have first completed a two year foundation course. 


This is the ideal evolution of a 3 year old to a 6 year old tennis player. Not easy to achieve unless parents are on board and committed to the process. 



Open Practice

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Open Practice

We open up one private coaching once a week to show what we do and answer questions. Must ring in advance. 

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No free trials available, no time wasters please.